The Team

B. Laszlo Karafiath — Cultural Alchemist

Laszlo has been fascinated with culture since his teenage years. He nearly got expelled from the 8th grade because he kept disturbing the communist ideology taught in his school. He helped start one of Europe’s best week-long music and arts festivals, Sziget, when he was 20. And he co-created Digital Sziget, a BBS (pre-internet) online community. His second startup, Carnation Strategic Internet Consulting (1997) was acquired by WPP in 2011.

He created the first website for the city of Budapest in 1996, and started an online youth-community in 1998. His masters thesis is on cross-cultural communication. His PhD work is on using meme science in corporate communications. He was a radio host and DJ for 7 years at the opinion-leading Tilos community radio of Budapest.  Lazlo, a serial entrepreneur, co-founded Darwin’s Marketing Evolution in 2003 in Budapest, Hungary. Using meme science Darwin’s works with Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Coca Cola, Abbott Laboratories, or SAP mapping their brand-memes and creating new communication strategies. He has lived in San Francisco since 2011.


Joe-Portrait-for-WebJoe Brewer — Senior Researcher

Joe was a co-founder of Culture2 Inc. He is an integrative thinker with deep experience in research design, cross-cutting approaches, and big picture agendas.  He founded Cognitive Policy Works in 2008 and served as its executive director and lead strategist until folding it into the platform of Culture2 in 2013.

This research center laid the foundations for advanced applications of cognitive science to the design of social change. Through it Joe has worked with nonprofit leaders, government agencies, and social enterprises across the globe to synthesize knowledge and deploy winning strategies in the domains of politics, economics, and open innovation processes.

His specialties include phase transitions and pattern formation, cognitive semantics and pattern languages, the architecture of human interactions, creating large-scale behavior change, and incubating social innovations that promote the growth of livable and resilient communities.  Joe excels at strategy development, organizational capacity-building, program implementation, and professional training in diverse contexts. His landmark accomplishments include designing a four-year degree program at the University of Illinois in Earth Systems, Environment & Society and developing a new framework for advocacy campaigns with a coalition of international NGOs in the UK.

Ting-Portrait-for-WebTing Kelly —  Experience Designer

Ting is an experience designer who gives a damn. She brings people together to catalyze world-changing initiatives necessary to address the profound challenges of the 21st century. She is passionate about bridging cultures and generations, cultivating collaboration and co-learning, and helping people realize their full potential.

Ting recently moved to Detroit to work on community development projects such as Collision Works and the Green Garage, and producing a documentary interview series called The Makers of Detroit.  Ting has worked for a number of startups in San Francisco and Vancouver doing design and digital marketing (TCHO, Branch, SoMedia, MOA) and volunteered with the Harvard Model UN Host Committee, the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan, the US Embassy in Shanghai, Slow Food Canada and WWOOF.

She currently consults and advises for the Hive, Dalai Lama Fellows, World Merit, Belong, the Long Now Foundation and the Methuselah Foundation. She is a global citizen.

Jason AsbahrJason Asbahr — Interaction Designer

Jason is a game designer, entrepreneur, inventor, and artist. He develops immersive experiences for new media platforms. His favorite designs are those that improve the real life experience of players — by channeling cognitive surplus, “the shared, online work we do with our spare brain cycles.”

Jason designs fun interactive systems that channel cognitive surplus into several specific areas, including individual personal improvement, group formation and collaboration, reputation systems, and social task and object trading systems. His previous collaborations include industry leading organizations such as Sony, Electronic Arts, Intermedia Outdoors, RedOctane, Warner Music, and Universal Music.

Colin_Mutchler_webColin Mutchler — Entrepreneur and Communication Designer

Colin Mutchler is found and CEO of Louder, a platform for crowd-promoting ideas that matter.  He is a storyteller, musician and marketer who uses the internet to empower everyday voices and accelerate cultural change.

Before starting Louder, he produced award winning campaigns at R/GA, and his words and music have been remixed legally by hundreds of artists from the global commons, resulting in two collaboratively produced “Premixed” albums. He has been invited to speak and perform for communities like TEDx, Institute for the Future, and Personal Democracy Forum, and was recognized as a 40 under 50 leader by the New Leaders Council.

Colin has an MBA from INSEAD (Singapore & France), a degree in Public Policy from Duke University, and a Certificate in Internet Law from Stanford.

IMG_6064Kathia Castro Laszlo, PhD

Kathia Castro Laszlo is an international educator, researcher, coach and consultant committed to facilitate transformational processes that lead to cultural healing and integral sustainability. She is co-founder of Syntony Quest and Global Leadership Lab. She is professor at Saybrook University in the School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation where she coordinates the specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems. Kathia has taught leadership, organizational development and strategy in the sustainability oriented MBAs of Presidio Graduate School (San Francisco), Bainbridge Graduate Institute (Seattle), Dominican University of California (San Francisco), EGADE Business School (Mexico), and Universidad del Medio Ambiente (Mexico).
Her interdisciplinary research and publications spans the fields of systems thinking, organizational change, leadership, education and social innovation.

1-DSC_6997-1Manuel Manga — Evolutionary Designer

Manuel Manga is the director of the Center for Evolutionary Leadership. As an organizational consultant, and executive coach with international experience, Mr. Manga brings an extensive professional background to consulting, leadership development, training, and executive coaching. He has consulted throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe to both private and non-profit organizations. He is bicultural and bilingual, English and Spanish.

Mr. Manga incorporates a linguistic and systems perspective into his work. Mr. Manga brings his knowledge of human potential, organizational development, and systemic sustainability to the adaptive challenges facing individuals, teams, organizations, and our society as a whole.

Mr. Manga has worked with Anglo American, CARE, Conoco, Chrysler, The World Bank, BankBoston, Ben & Jerry’s, Plan International, Import Products, The UNDP, Genzyme. Grupo Maseca, JP Morgan Chase, NYDEC, EPA, USAID, and Oxfam America. Mr. Manga holds degrees in Humanistic Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and in Social Psychology, from Boston University. He was an adjunct professor with the Leadership for Change program at Boston College. He participated in the Ontological Design Course with Fernando Flores, and the Learning Organization core course with Peter Senge. Mr. Manga is a founding member of the Society for Organizational Learning

Philip_HorvathPhilip Horvath — Culture Craft Analyst

Philip serves as a catalyst, consultant and advisor who crafts cultures by creating frameworks and operating metaphors for social communities, lifestyle brands, media companies, Fortune 500 businesses and next generation ventures. Philip helps teams connect with the “meaning” of their innovations. Combining 21st century information technology and science with transformational technologies from various perennial wisdom traditions, he has helped his clients be pioneers in community innovation, media innovation, operating innovation, and experience innovation – all the while staying true to his artistic roots and his vision for crafting planetary culture.


Advisory Board

Jenny_Yancey_webJenny Yancey

Jenny Yancey has aknack for convening and facilitating strategy and social change processes for various groups of people, ranging from young social entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe to parents hoping to instill a sense of giving in their children. Having lived in various parts of the US, Europe & Asia, Jenny feels at home when working with diverse communities and cross-cutting new ideas.

She has worked for over 25 years to advance innovation and impact in the worlds of nonprofits, philanthropy, international development and education. Recently, she co-launched (with her husband, Dan Siegel) GoodWorld Journeys which offers meaningful travel & salon-like gatherings around the world.

Jenny supports the giving journey of families, advises and consults for leading foundations, financial institutions, universities and philanthropists and provides life design coaching. She co-wrote a major study on donor education (sponsored by the Ford, Hewlett, Kellogg and Packard foundations), and supported civil society development for eight years in Central & Eastern Europe.  A passionate culture enthusiast, Jenny also enjoys cross-generational storytelling, painting, poetry and tapping her foot to a wide variety of music that stirs the soul.

merolaszlo_webLászló Mérő

László Mérő is a Hungarian research psychologist and popular science author of fifteen books, amongst them Moral Calculations. One of his projects was a computer game developed with Ernő Rubik, the Hungarian inventor of the Rubik’s Cube. He is also the leader of the Hungarian team at the World Puzzle Championship.

He started out at the Computer and Automation Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, working on various pattern recognition and artificial intelligence projects. Recognizing the limitations of artificial intelligence, he began investigating human cognition. Since 1984 he has been at the Experimental Psychology Department of Eötvös Loránd University, studying cognitive psychology and psychophysics, now he is a professor there.

He is was co-founder of game development companies and co-founded Darwin’s Marketing Evolution Ltd in 2003 in Budapest.


David-HodgsonDavid Hodgson

David weaves creative ecosystems and convenes them in possibility spaces, to catalyze and accelerate the transformative innovation necessary to meet the profound challenges of the 21st century. He is a fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab, theInternational Futures Forum, and is an adviser to Shareable.

In previous lives, David has been a sound engineer and a software architect, working with MicrosoftSony, and Electronic Arts.



Douglas_Rushkoff_webDouglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff is the author of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, as well as a dozen other bestselling books on media, technology, and culture, including Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, Life Inc and the novel Ecstasy Club.  He wrote the graphic novels Testament and A.D.D., and made the television documentaries Merchants of Cool, The Persuaders, and Digital Nation.

He lives in New York, and lectures about media, society, and economics around the world.