Welcome to our lab.

These are the research projects we are currently working on with our clients.  Let us know if they may be helpful for you too.

Thriving Planet

We have started to reveal the cultural patterns that help or hinder the spread of solutions to environmental problems.

Researching the ideas, stories, and beliefs that spread sustainability practices in business.  Prototyping the engagement strategies needed to bring mainstream populations into the healing process with global warming.  Discovering the human capacities that make our societies more resilient and capable.

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Horizons of Humanity

A major theme for the 21st Century is where humanity will go, how we might flourish and thrive, and what we can do with technology to make our world a better place.

As we gather more knowledge about what it means to be human, the range of possible futures where wisdom and compassion rise to center stage become more vast and prominent.

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