We offer immersion labs, meme mapping, and full-on culture design services.

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Immersion Labs

We offer 2 day culture design labs to explore the idea landscape around your mission and objectives.  These immersion experiences include an introduction to the tools and techniques of culture design, exploration of the DNA for the memes you hope to spread, and prototyping of the strategies, products, or services that you take away with you.

This is an intensive workshop for projects that have gotten stuck.  Our expert facilitators will do the necessary  prep work beforehand to tailor the experience to your unique needs.  Together with you we will begin to unpack the obstacles, reveal the internal and external resistances, and uncover the most viable path to success.

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Meme Mapping

Maybe you are looking for deep insights into the cultural landscape around your idea.  We offer a unique combination of meme research and frame analysis that uncovers the dynamic patterns of sharing behavior — what people are sharing, with whom, why they are doing it, and how they go about it.

Take a look at samples of our work to get a better idea of what this entails.  These are 2-3 month meme mapping studies that build a custom database of memes about your topic, go through a multi-step process of filtering + clustering + patterning, and lead to the production of an ecological map for strategic engagement with your idea landscape.

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Culture Design Service Package

Perhaps you have an ambitious goal to change culture.  You know what you want to achieve but don’t know how to get there.  We are prepared to partner with you all the way through to the achievement of your goals with a culture design service package that includes deep research into your idea landscape, monitoring and tracking of cultural trends, prototyping and action design to test new ideas and learn continuously, and ultimately evolve the culture forward one step at a time.

We tailor our approach to emerging needs — combining social analytics, discourse analysis, rapid prototyping, experience design, and an orientation of forward engagement — to change the social networks and composition of ideas and behaviors gradually until you reach your goal.

We structure this service at monthly rates for an extended duration (6 months, 1 year, …) with a commitment to see it through all the way to success.

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