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As an investor, you’ll be invited to vote on future outcomes and get the inside scoop on what we discover along the way.

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There are three levels of investment, each with its own perks:

  • Idea Propagator ($50) :: You want to see ideas spread and be part of the solution.

  • Culture Hacker ($100) :: You are a designer at heart and want to shape the ideas yourself.

  • World Changer ($500) :: You are a visionary who wants to architect system change.

Idea propagators will be invited to share feedback on the content we create.  And you’ll receive updates on our findings as the project moves forward.
Culture hackers get the above perks plus downloads of reports and slide decks we produce.
World changers get all of the above perks plus invitations to webinars and private consultations with the Culture2 Team.
The Culture2 Team