We have created a powerful potion of cognitive science, complexity research, cultural evolution, and design thinking for your transformation.

The Science of Complexity

We treat culture design as a dynamic process where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  We apply the tools of complexity research that reveal how patterns form, where resonance can be found, and what the critical thresholds are that enable ideas to grow and spread.

Evolutionary Design of Culture

We follow the principles of evolutionary design when we transform cultures.  In this way iteration builds up massive cultural systems of diverse knowledge and increasingly sophisticated technologies.

Cognitive Insights

Our approach is informed by insights into the human mind.  We bring expert knowledge about the psychological underpinnings of social behavior.  This is enhanced by our focus on language processing and the intricate ways the human brain gives shape to ideas through our use of words.


Ideas flow across ever-changing networks of human relationships.  We employ the tools of network science to map out these connections and show how ideas spread from one mind to another.  In this way we are able to tackle the challenges of idea propagation in real-world settings.

Here’s an introduction to our methodology — a “crash course” in research for culture design.